Nik Williams
Nik Williams       
Education Co-ordinator, Legacies of Resistance to the First World War
I coordinate the Heritage Lottery Fund funded project looking to empower learners to uncover and tell the stories of conscientious objectors from Scotland during the First World War. Conscientious objection happened in communities across Scotland and I love being able to support learners to take the lead in helping draw attention and awareness to the actions and bravery of people who stood up for their beliefs and convictions by objecting to the First World War.
Being able to give the learners’ enthusiasm and interest an avenue to flourish, by exploring a largely forgotten part of our social history is an exciting part of my job. I love hearing from the tutors as to the ideas that the learners have come up with to help further their own learning and reach the project objectives. While we have organised and planned the project, I am always hearing of new ways the learners have come up with to help tell the story of objectors to their communities – they are not the only ones learning something as part of this course!
This project, bringing to light the legacies of conscientious objectors from across Scotland, ensures they are celebrated as part of the centenary of the First World War. This is a vital step towards creating and sharing stories that reflect the rich and vibrant history of Scotland through the lives of those who for many years have been hidden from our memory of the First World War.
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