Angharad Murray WEA Scotland Inverness

I coordinate ESOL classes and wider education for Syrian adults as one of the key partners in the Syrian Resettlement Programme in the Highlands.  
I come from a background of broad and varied experience in education. I have worked in Scotland and internationally teaching everything from nursery and primary education to university, community education, museum education, ESOL and additional support needs. I have a wealth of experience in practice, which informs my approach as a Coordinator. I have been working in the Syrian Resettlement Programme for two years now and have loved every minute of it! It has been a massively educational, eye-opening and humbling experience and has given me a real insight into a new culture. It has also led me to reflect on my own and how we, as a society, could be much more accomodating of ESOL learners in supporting them to start their new lives here. 
My approach in education is very relationship focused. For me, the most important thing in my classrooms is creating a positive and encouraging safe space where learners feel free to make mistakes and enjoy learning! 
I am relatively new to the WEA, but one of my favourite things about working here is working in such a positive and supportive office with colleagues who are always on hand to offer advice and encouragement when needed. This ethos impacts on all of our tutors, who tell me often how much they enjoy such a positive work environment and the learners who ultimately benefit from having happy and supported tutors! I genuinely look forward to seeing my colleagues every day. 
My ambition for WEA and the Syrian Resettlement Project in Highlands is to continue breaking down barriers that stand in the way of ESOL learners finding volunteering and work opportunities that are worthy of their skills. Seeing how delighted they are when they achieve their goals keeps me motivated and driven every day! 
Angharad Sian Murray
ESOL Education Coordinator for Syrian Resettlement
Email [email protected]