My Job title is Project Coordinator and I will help coordinate all aspects of the Women In The Highlands Project and keep it running smoothly.  However, my first big job is collating all the information and producing the end of project report for our Impact Funding Partners.

I have previously worked for the Scottish Government in the Social Economy Growth Fund so my knowledge comes from the other side of the desk.  I have experience of Scottish Government and EU funding and the rules and regulations surrounding project spend. Previously I used to evaluate projects from charities and third sector organisations and accept/ reject them so hopefully I can bring some insight into what is expected of projects and how they should spend.

The WITH project is a grass roots project aimed at dismantling barriers caused by rural isolation, poverty and inequality, and to give women a voice in the home, at work and in the community. 

I am looking forward to engaging with people who are passionate about driving projects forward but also meeting the women involved with the project along the way. I am passionate about the WITH project because there is such a great need for it in the Highlands.  Other areas of Scotland and the UK are much better served with projects for women.  Our need is truly great and our geographic area means there are so many women in so many far flung places to reach.

My vision for the WEA Scotland is for everyone to know about us.  I also hope that the WITH project continues and expands to reach ALL of the Highlands from Shetland to the Western Isles and every place in between and helps gives every woman in need a voice. 

Contact details
WEA Scotland, 1st floor, Academy House, 42 Academy Street, Inverness, IV1 1JT, Tel: 01463 710 577,
Email: [email protected]