Clare Harper Area Education Manager
Clare Harper
Area Education Manager – North East Scotland, Aberdeen
I try to keep a good broad offer in adult learning alive and well in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. I do this by; securing funding wherever possible through good and honest partnership working with other agencies, and working with our great staff team and our hugely talented part time tutors to roll out delivery. I've worked for many years in adult learning - teaching it, in Higher Education, managing it at Chief Executive and operational management level and teaching courses myself as a part time tutor.
At its best, I like the WEA's capacity to encourage innovation and creativity. I like nothing better than to play a role in making something transformational happen; our WEA Reach Out project is a good example of this. I helped set it up about 100 years ago when I worked with the WEA and it is still going strong - so it must be doing something right.
The WEA has a knack, over the years, of attracting a core of very committed and often imaginative staff, who like the opportunity to innovate, and being able to respond to new requests and ideas quickly. No learner groups are ever the same, and a learner-centred approach does not allow for lifting a course off the shelf.
Contact details
WEA Scotland, 163 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AE, Tel: 01224 642 725, Email: [email protected]