An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life

Case Study: An SCQF Learning Journey – WEA Scotland Pilots their Credit Rated Science Course 

“An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life” - SCQF Level 4 with 3 SCQF Credit Points.  

The Awarding Body

Advocacy and signposting

The advocacy service is for those who may be having problems finding the appropriate service for their needs, for those who may not be understanding any paper work they have received or for folk who need help contacting the relevant people in, for example, the housing department of the local council. It is also a service that offers advice and signposting.

AGEWISE tools for transition

The Agewise Project aims to encourage people to  envision and realise a purposeful, meaningful and socially engaged life as they age and move toward retirement.  Agewise offers a positive frame for aging that honours people’s life experience, and challenges the stigma of growing older.  Many providers offer support to prepare financially for retirement, but Agewise looks at how people can prepar

Approaches in ESOL: Formal versus Community Learning

A workshop which identifies and explores the differences between formal and community learning (Social Practice model) approaches to ESOL teaching.

This  workshop compares and contrasts the merits of each approach to ESOL provision. It considers course and lesson planning, content, delivery and learner aims and aspirations. It is aimed at ESOL practitioners, especially those who are coming to community based learning for the first time, with experience in a more formal, college setting, often with a prescribed curriculum.

Alphabet Soup

This short workshop aims to help ESOL tutors/practitioners who teach Roman Script to beginners.
This workshop was developed by and for ESOL tutors currently teaching Syrian New Scots. It is highly participative, drawing on the shared experience of participants. Feedback;

“Teaching style was excellent and interactive.  Got everyone involved and sharing ideas/experiences.”

“As a new ESOL teacher I have gleaned many fantastic strategy ideas.”

“Lots of good ideas for working with older learners.  Good to share ideas.”