The aim of the football project is to offer a diversion from the day to day problems many of those who participate face. It helps those who are going through problems with substance misuse to stay ‘clean’ because of the physical nature of the activity. It keeps folk both mentally and physically fit therefor improving mental health issues. It also helps to improve literacy and numeracy skill through pricing pitch hire and working on tactics.

Financial Literacies & Financial Citizenship

Financial Literacies sessions help learners deal with the financial transactions they come across in their day-to-day lives, including understanding payslips, credit card costs, paying bills, and an overview of in- and out-of-work benefits. Designed around the needs, interests and numeracy levels of learners, these classes take some of the stress out of money-management.

Financial Literacies for ESOL learners

The overall aim of the learning programme will be to enable participants to make better and more informed financial choices, to understand and manage a budget and equip them with the knowledge and skills to live a life free from debt.  The course is aimed at low level ESOL learners

This course has been developed and piloted with a grant from the Bank of Scotland Foundation.

It is a well-established fact that accumulating and unmanageable debt is a fact of life for many families.

Family Matters

The course aims to build family resilience for the future, by providing parents/carers of primary school children with some insight and tools for raising confident children.