Student led art group

We aim to enable a positive group experience by providing a communal art space where artists can share ideas, work on projects and improve their creative practices. The goal is that the group will be peer led; allowing a less structured approach to sessions and allowing a potential sense of ownership within the group itself. At the core of the course is simply a safe space to make art with like minded individuals.

Social Studies Discussion Group

The course aims ot build confidence and self esteem of students, and increase understanding of local and world events

This discussion group will give group members a chance to have a closer look at things that affect our everyday lives - what's on TV or in the papers, the things people do and why they do them, events in the local community or national and international affairs.


"Being involved in this course has let me be more confident in myself and was able to speak out for myself in front of other people"

Sharing Lives Sharing Languages

This project aims to increase the social connections and opportunities for non-native English speakers -  in this instance Syrian New Scots -  to use their English outside the classroom, using a peer education approach to encourage  participation in collective actions to the benefit of the group and the local community.

STEM Workshops for CLD Practitioners

Practical CPD workshops for CLD organisers and practitioners who would like to explore the possibility of offering numeracy and science based courses or events to adults in their communities

In Scotland, improving STEM literacy, numeracy and employability is a key priority for the Scottish Government.  The WEA Scotland has over ten years of experience of developing innovative science and numeracy based resources in partnership with Education Scotland and leading colleges and experts. 

In line with Scottish Government 2020 targets to:

Science for a Successful Scotland

To design, develop and deliver a tutor resource for adult learners to introduce different aspects of science and linking science to further learning options and career opportunities 

Funded by Glasgow Clyde Education Foundation and developed in partnership between WEA and Glasgow Clyde College, Science for a Successful Scotland (3S) is a learning and teaching resource for tutors to use with learners.   It aims raise the level of STEM literacy, numeracy and employability skills in our communities in line with The Scottish Governments’ STEM education and training strategy.