Walking group

The aim of the walking group is to get folk out and about in Aberdeen City and Shire and to explore some of the beautiful countryside the north east of Scotland has to offer. The aim is to widen social circles, provide structure, improve health, both physically and mentally, and introduce those who participate to the great outdoors. Literacy and numeracy skills are also improved through planning walks and working out speeds and distance travelled.

Writing for Social Media

Participants will develop new literacy and digital skills. By the end of the course, they will have produced quality pieces of writing, of varying lengths, ready for publication on their organisations’ websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

WEA Learning Circles start-up course

Wish your WEA course would last a little bit longer? Now you can make it happen. This course can be used as an add-on to an existing course or programme of learning. Groups will develop the skills, knowledge and structures required to continue shaping their own learning through running autonomous ‘Learning Circles’. Learning circles will meet regularly to work on projects of their own choice and may request tutor-input in the future, where appropriate, and as funds allow.

Workplace Learning

In Scotland, the WEA has a strong workplace learning strategy. The starting point of all WEA workplace learning activity is the learners. Curriculum is negotiated and developed around the individual learner’s purposes and goals and embedded in the wider social context of the workplace.

Our tutors and learners interact and share experiences as adults.  Our learners gain confidence and motivation to learn new skills and take part in workplace and community life.

Working with unions

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) have funded our work with trade unions and employers through the Scottish Union Learning Fund and this has enabled us to work in partnership with other trade unions to deliver workplace learning across a number of industries.

in 2019-20 we have worked in partnership with several unions including USDAW, UNISON, UNITE, PCS, POA, Community and AEGIS

Some examples of relevant courses the WEA can provide are:

Workplace six word stories

Promote engagement with existing learning services at a specific workplace / location through the use of a writing competition that is accessible to all.

Workplace literacies digital skills workshop

To support learners in a range of settings looking to update or learn new digital skills

Delivered in a variety of settings, these informal courses upskill people and boost confidence by helping participants gain new skills in the use of digital devices used in both work and home life, such as tablets and mobile phones. Individuals have the opportunity to address specific needs around their own devices. Learners are encouraged to work together and
support each other’s learning.

Women in the Highlands

One of the great successes of this project has been the formation of a Women in the Highlands Choir. They have performed at several events in the Highlands including the Women in the Highlands Annual Conference