AGEWISE tools for transition

Project Aim

To support people in transition, from work to retirement and in later life.

Project Description

In this year, we want to work more on partnership building with key employers, agencies and services to help create a more holistic approach to life-long learning, development and well being. Through embedding the project's ethos and approaches within key organisations we hope to maximise engagement, support professionals and service providers, enhance workers' well-being, sustainability and resilience. And ultimately to help create a more life-long healthy culture for the future.

Target Audience

These courses are for a range of groups

  • People over 50
  • Those facing redundancy or coming up for retirement
  • Long term unemployed
  • Carers
  • Employees
  • Unison members
  • Women who are self-employed

Learner testimonials / success stories

"The course exceed my expectations"

"I came along feeling unsure what to expect and left feeling I was heading forwards with enthusiasm"

"I am reflecting more and find myself embracing the stage of life I am at"

"I have less of a sense of uncertainty. I feel more positive but in a realistic way"

" I would happily recommend this course. I am really glad I attended. All staff considering retirement should go on a course like this"

"I was taken out of my comfort zone but found this so rewarding"

"Coming on this course has helped me see retirement isn't an ending it's a whole new beginning"