Literacy training for volunteers

Project Aim

To train volunteers to support adult learners in literacy and numeracy learning.

Project Description

A training programme for volunteers assisting tutors in literacy learning. The course looks at literacy and numeracy as a social practice and develops volunteers understanding of providing support for learners that is relevant tor their lives. Volunteers build their skills, knowledge and understanding through tutor led exercises, group work and discussion. Half-way through the course they join a literacy class as a buddy which further develops their awareness of the reasons and motivations of learners attending literacy provision.

Target Audience

Volunteer tutors

Learner testimonials / success stories

"Made me understand the importance that adult education can play in improving people's lives" G.M. Volunteer, Falkirk

"A well balanced and interesting course which made me understand why people have literacy problems and how literacy can enrich their lives. K.F. Volunteer, Falkirk.