Professional Development Awards 

PDA Introduction to Tutoring English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Project Aim

Provides ESOL  training for practitioners (many of whom are volunteer tutors) wishing to teach, or support ESOL teaching.

Project Description

The Professional Development Award: Introduction to Tutoring ESOL (PDA: ITESOL) provides an introduction to the core knowledge and skills required to tutor ESOL learners in a supported context. It supports a range of practitioners who are new to the field of ESOL and/or who have no recognised TESOL/TEFL1 qualifications. It is also relevant for teachers of other subjects who have ESOL learners in their classes and who wish to develop a broader understanding of issues related to English language development.

Target Audience

Candidates should have appropriate English language competence across the four skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing. These skills must be at a sufficient level (SCQF level 5 minimum) to equip them to successfully participate in a training course and to meet the assessment requirements.

In addition, candidates should have confidence in their own literacy and communication abilities and an interest in, and commitment to, the development of ESOL in Scotland. It is also recommended that candidates have a willingness to learn and use basic ICT skills.

Learner testimonials / success stories

“Refreshing to meet and work with people who come from a more trusting care giving culture v. corporate sharks”.

“Made me appreciate the difficulty of someone coming to a new country where they may not speak or read English”.

“It meant a lot to me, it was an honour to be accepted.  Thank you for that.  For someone who is not a native speaker, it was definitely not easy.  I had to dedicate a huge amount of time to write all the outcomes, to meet all the requirements”.

“The 6 months have flown past, it was challenging but very enjoyable.  I feel that I have learnt a lot but still a lot more to learn.  A great group and excellent tutors”.

“It has been an immensely interesting and challenging course with a tremendous amount of material and information”.