Project Aim 

The Project will increase skills of those working with adult literacies learners and lead to certification on the recognised professional development framework for adult literacies tutors.

Project Description

Adult literacies includes numeracy and literacy. The term ‘literacies’ is used to encompass not only the skills, but also the knowledge and critical understanding involved in reading, writing and using numbers. This plural term reflects the multiple and diverse ways in which we use literacy and numeracy in our everyday lives.

The course leads to a valuable qualification for those who are interested in undertaking a Tutor Assistant role in adult literacy and numeracy. It is made up of three separate Units:

Raising Awareness of Adult Literacies
Preparing to Work with Adult Literacies Learners
Delivering and Developing Adult Literacies Learning

Target Audience 

Potential and existing literacies tutors and those who may need to support adults with literacies needs within their workplaces.

“It gave me further insight into issues adults face with literacy and how I could look out for this with the adults I work with”

“The course was very engaging and interactive”

“I feel more equipped to work with adult learners”

“Excellent course, well delivered and very clear to follow”