Report writing course

Project Aim 

The course will aim to develop key writing and language skills in order that staff can confidently and competently complete the reporting tasks required in their work setting.

Project Description

Course participants will be supported to:

  • Better understand and develop confidence in in recording events at work using different writing styles including short summary reports, extended narrative reports and reflective accounts
  • Recognise and understand appropriate language and style for workplace reporting formats
  • Understand the audience, purpose and use of workplace reports
  • Better understand ways of preparing for a writing /recording task

Target Audience

No entry requirements. Targeted at prison officers in HM Prison Grampian  (but could be adapted for many different workplaces/roles)

Learner testimonials / success stories

“Not a fault of the course but it would have been good if more had taken the opportunity to attend.  If it comes up again I would encourage others to take the opportunity to attend”.

“Relaxed sessions, no pressure.  Errors or corrections explained in an easy to understand manner”.