WEA Scotland has developed courses in South Lanarkshire which target the twin core skills learning needs of general literacy and ICT literacy for the workplace. We have in recent years worked in partnership with a major local employer, NHS Lanarkshire to provide ten week courses for NHS employees. The sessions are mainly targeted at low paid, part time workers and are intended to give them knowledge of literacy through the medium of IT.  The employer provided the IT venue and the work release for staff.

The NHS courses evolved as a direct result of consistent partnership development work over many years to raise awareness of literacy and numeracy in the workplace with NHS managers, supervisors and Trade Unions. 

Initially the courses were non-accredited and from 2012 WEA has introduced an option for learners to gain accreditation for their learning. Learners are offered thirty hours of learning and during this time many have succeeded in attaining an SQA Core Skills ICT qualification at SCQF level 4. Feedback confirms that accreditation at a national level further encourages learners who may not have been involved in learning for some time to progress to other learning opportunities and increases confidence and pride in their new found skills.