This course was negotiated and delivered in a partnership between WEA Scotland and BFAWU (Baker’s Union) as one of the recognised trade unions active on this large food processing site. 

In a demonstration of the Workplace Literacies Service levering in more learning monies to South Lanarkshire, this course delivery was funded through Scottish Union Learning Fund (SULF) administered by the STUC and ESF.  The course is specifically designed to give workers an awareness and understanding of how issues with dyslexia can impact working and personal lives and how it may be addressed in a constructive and compassionate way.

The course covered areas including:

• What is dyslexia?

• Are there different levels and forms of dyslexia?

• What are the signs by which dyslexia can be identified?

• An understanding of living with dyslexia

• An understanding of dyslexia and the myths surrounding it

• Social effects of dyslexia and how to discuss it in a workplace context

• Understanding how dyslexia can be managed in the workplace

• An outline of future studies around dyslexia

quote from USDAW contact:

“It is important to note that without supported classes being delivered many of these workers would not have been able to access any learning. Community based classes in the local area happen when staff are working, or too close to shift start time for them to attend. This means workplace based classes are becoming even more vital for staff, some of who are left vulnerable in the workplace and in their community by low levels of skills”.