SDS Personal Assistant project

Project Aim

The projects aim is to provide a support network to personal assistants across Scotland.

Project Description

The PA network Scotland has been created to provide a support network to PAs working directly for the person they support. WEA will support PAs by

  • Organising free or subsidised demand led training to meet the needs of members
  • Providing space both online and off line for peer support to seek other PAs help and advice on specific issues
  • Inviting/arranging guest speakers to give talks on a variety of subjects relevant to your role
  • Providing online support, knowledge and information via dedicated website.

Target Audience

Personal Assistants (or those wanting to become Personal Assistants) employed directly by the person they support.

Learner testimonials / success stories

Angela "I work as a personal assistant for a lady in Glasgow, she fought for me to become her PA as she was so unhappy about the care she was receiving for a care provider. I heard about the PA Network through a friend and got in touch to find out more, to know that the PA Network is there for advice and support is essential to my role as a PA, as my role mostly means that I work in isolation. This support and connection keeps me current with training and legislations and helps me feel supported and encouraged in my job.  I have shared this information with other women who are or who are thinking of becoming a Personal Assistant as it is so difficult to find everything we need in one place."