WEA Scotland-Director-Ray McCowan-2017

Ray McCowan
Director Scotland, Edinburgh

As Director, my role is to lead the organisation in Scotland, providing a shared sense of direction and ensuring that the WEA delivers a high quality learning experience to its learners and value for money to funders partners and stakeholders.

The WEA aims to make a positive contribution to and enhance the lives of the people in society who face the greatest challenges. Through learning, peoples life chances improve, economic opportunities increase and local communities become stronger and more resilient. The WEA in my view is a unique organisation where the organisation's values really mean something, affect the way people in the WEA think and ultimately how the WEA interacts with its learners and partner organisations. No one project to me is more important than any other. They all add value and all aim to make a difference to the communities we serve.
Part of my role is to identify prospective partners, stakeholders and funders. Typically these external organisations have a learning need and resources to enable that learning to be delivered. Along with the Area Education Managers and Area Education co-ordinators, my role is to translate this need into opportunities for the WEA to deliver its services to these clients and in doing so, provide a pipeline of income that can help secure the future of the WEA in Scotland.
My vision is to deliver a best in class customer experience to funders and partners, an outstanding education experience for learners and to develop and grow the organisation in Scotland.
The WEA is an adaptable, flexible and client responsive organisation. Any prospective customer is welcome to discuss their potential requirements with the Director, Area Education co-ordinators or the Area Education Managers. The team will do everything they can to provide a bespoke, client centred affordable solution for all your education training and learning needs 
Contact details
WEA Scotland, 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2FF, Tel: 0131 226 3456 or 07842 363 145, Email: [email protected]