Craig Brown - West Central Scotland
Craig Brown
Education Coordinator - Glasgow
I work with ESOL learners in Glasgow.  I co-ordinate relationships with a diverse range of partner agencies and together with a team of tutors we work to improve the lives of our learners.  For example recently we have been working with: The Scottish Refugee Council, British Red Cross, Housing Associations, Colleges, Muslim Women’s employability project (AMINA) and Saheliya- working with women who have experienced physical and mental abuse.
Language skills allow people the ability to reduce their isolation by communicating with others.  Economic inclusion through increased employability skills is the ultimate aim to allow people to reach their potential.  We offer the first few steps along the way, a foundation for growth. Access to learning has the ability to dramatically alter lives.  Working to help these inspirational people is what drives me.
Our learners come from many different backgrounds and cultures.  They may be refugees or asylum seekers reflecting the lead role that Glasgow takes in this area.  They may be migrant workers or from settled communities.  Above all they are mothers, brothers, daughters and sons.  They are new Scots and we invest in them because we value and respect them.
The WEA Scotland Glasgow ESOL project has the ability and experience to help some of our most vulnerable citizens to start their learning, providing access to those who may otherwise be marginalised.  I would like the current project to continue to grow, there are so many more learners in the city than learning places.  Our learners are valuable members of our community and with a little investment they will flourish and help build a better future for us all. 
Contact details
WEA Scotland, Robertson House 152 Bath St, Glasgow, G2 4TB
Tel: 0141 221 0003, Email: [email protected]